Environmentally Friendly


Our brand new plant is state-of-the art, incorporating the latest technology and cleaning methods to delivery freshly cleaned and pressed garments efficiently with less energy use. All garments are automatically sorted and bagged in a fraction of the time, further reducing our carbon footprint.

The solvent we use is organic and less harmful to the environment than traditional plants where ‘Perc’ (or perchlorethyene) is used.


Biodegradable Garment Bags

Our bags are biodegradable and when either recycled or thrown into general trash they will decompose over time compared to traditional plastic garment bags which cannot be recycled and will not decompose.


Hanger Recycling Program

We encourage you to bring us in your old hangers. We will supply you with a free hanger box. Clear out your closet and when your box is full just bring it in and we’ll give you another free box. It’s easy and it’s smart.